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See if San Diego County owes you money

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAN DIEGO — The County of San Diego owes 1,360 residents and businesses more than a half-million dollars in tax refunds, which some of the recipients must claim by Sept. 8 or lose, a county official said Thursday.

By state law, refunds that go unclaimed will be rolled back into the county general fund, San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister said.

“This is our season of giving back to the taxpayers,” McAllister said. “We’ve been trying to reach people who have had refunds for two years or more, and this is their last chance to claim the money before it’s returned to the County of San Diego. If you’ve done business with the Superior Court, any county department, or with our office, you may have money in your name.”

The county on Thursday published a list of the 1,360 residents and businesses owed a combined total of $554,567, with the list broken into three categories: property tax refunds, making up $237,879 of the total amount; money from various county departments, making up $241,170 of the total; and superior court money, which accounts for $75,517 of the total combined refund.

Some on the property tax refund list still have several years to claim their refunds, while others must do so by the September deadline.

The published lists show some refunds are as little as $10, but the largest refund is $60,140 owed to BALCOR by the county’s Planning and Development Services.

In the past five years, McAllister’s office has refunded nearly $400,000 in overpaid taxes and fees, but the treasurer-tax collector said more money has gone unclaimed.

“In the past, sadly, the majority of these refunds are never claimed,” McAllister said. “We are asking the public’s help to spread the word so we can get this money back to its rightful owner.”

The lists of those who are owed a refund can be found here. All claims can be emailed to refunds@sdcounty.ca.gov, or claimants can call toll free 877-829-4732 for assistance.