Veteran’s plea for thief to return grandfather’s American flag answered

VISTA, Calif. -- A Vista man who asked his community for help in finding the person who stole an American flag that once belonged to his grandfather was relieved Wednesday night to find it had been returned to his yard.

Mark Urias, a Marine veteran, posted on Facebook that his American flag was stolen off his fence line on Beaumont Court on Independence Day.

“Every year I post it here for the 4th of July. Never had a problem for the past ten years – until this morning when I came to bring it down -- it was gone," said Urias.

A person walking by the property must have grabbed it sometime Tuesday after the fireworks show at Berngle Terrace Park, according to Urias.

"This was my grandfather's flag from his coffin. It's an expressive flag that was sewn together.  My grandfather was a Army veteran, it was given to me by my grandmother and was the only thing I had left from him," Urias stated in a Facebook post.

After FOX 5 aired his story Wednesday, Urias found the flag back in his yard.