Son of former Padre undergoes 5th surgery after getting hit by baseball

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ATLANTA — The 15-year-old son of a former San Diego Padres player is undergoing his fifth surgery Tuesday after he was hit in the face by a baseball last weekend.

Jason Lockhart, son of infielder Keith Lockhart, was playing in a baseball tournament in South Carolina on June 17 when the catcher threw a ball back to the pitcher as Jason was crossing the plate and it hit him in the face, WXIA reports.

The ball broke his nose and Jason received stitches.

Last Monday, he was at the doctor’s office and his nose began to bleed. When it wouldn’t stop, he was taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and a CT scan showed there was a tear inside his nose.

On Tuesday, Jason had surgery and the next day, doctors discovered there was an artery cut by the fracture.

By Friday, he was put on life support and sedated in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

Jason underwent endovascular embolization surgery on Sunday so that doctors could determine where the bleeding is coming from.

On Tuesday, Jason underwent his fifth surgery in nine days.

Keith Lockhart is from Whittier, California and played for the Padres in 1994. In 2003, he returned to San Diego for what would be his last major league season.