San Diegans missing in Mexican wilderness found safe

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SAN DIEGO – Mexican rescue crews have located a San Diego father and his two daughters, who have been missing in a remote Mexican national park for the last 48 hours.

Friends and family of Morgan Fox, 61, and his daughters Maura and Claire, ages 20 and 25, got word Tuesday that the trio had been spotted by a Mexican Navy rescue helicopter.

The three began a backpacking adventure in San Pedro Martir National Park in Baja California last Wednesday. They were supposed to return home on Sunday, but they didn't.

Morgan Fox is the head of maintenance at Balboa Park.

"We've been terribly worried about Morgan and his two lovely daughters," one of his colleagues told FOX 5.

Fox is an accomplished hiker, but he suffers from diabetes, his cousin, Angie Preisendorfer said. She and other family members became extremely concerned after Fox and his daughters failed to return on schedule.

"Morgan's sister called me and said 'I can't keep it together. I've lost it.' And five minutes later we got the call that they were found, so we're all on this roller coaster," Preisendorfer said.

The Mexican helicopter crew spotted the three Americans at a remote climbing area known as the Devil's Peak. It is not known what prevented the hikers from making it out of the park, but it is clear that if it weren't for the Mexican government's quick action, the story could have had a very different outcome.

"They responded so quickly and generously," Preisendorfer said.

Ground rescuers were expected to reach the stranded hikers late Tuesday afternoon. They will determine why the three became stranded and determine how to bring them off the mountain.