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New technology in 2018 Mercedes Benz E-Class

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SAN DIEGO -- Imagine a vehicle that can stop if you have a medical emergency, or communicates with other cars about nearby road hazards.

We are test driving a car that can do all that -- it's the brand new Mercedes Benz E class coupe.

It’s still the number one luxury brand in America. Dealers are often sold out of the most popular model so there is no question this new Mercedes E-class coupe will sell well. It may even sell out.

The new Mercedes demonstrates a new design for the company -- no folds, no lines, no ripples.

A 12.3 inch command screen and an optional second 12.3 inch instrument cluster. The technology continues with controller touch pads on each side of the wheel, but the most outstanding piece of technology is what Mercedes calls “car to x” communication.

Each Mercedes Benz E-class can communicate with each other. If you travel over black ice for example, your car can inform other E-class vehicles what it has experienced, via the cloud.

It drives like a dream with AWD and a new 9-speed g-tronic transmission. It will even change lanes for you automatically when in automatic cruise control after you activate the turn signal.

The brand new Mercedes Benz starts at around $60,000 and is rolling into dealerships now.