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Video catches mail thieves in the act

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SAN DIEGO – Some residents in Rancho Peñasquitos haven't been getting their mail – and it's not because of the postal service.

Neighbors in the area are on the lookout for mail thieves. They say the thieves hit the area Monday and again Wednesday.

Residents say home surveillance video shows a woman grabbing mail out of one mailbox then walking across the street to steal mail from another box. Pictures show two women with large bags walking down the street, even leaving piles of junk mail behind.

Another neighbor shot video as the two women jumped into a waiting car with a man behind the wheel and speeding off.

“Seeing those criminals in my front yard was very upsetting to me," said Suzy Taylor, who took cell phone video of the car.

Neighbors believe the women are the same ones who targeted their street back on Monday.

Ben Dworkin said his mailbox was hit twice.

“Pretty upset – my wife was expecting a check in the mail. We called our bank and cancelled that. We don’t know what else was taken," said Dworkin.

Taylor said thieves didn't steal from her because she has a locked mailbox.

“It’s really about being smart and protecting yourself," said Taylor.

A U.S. Postal inspector is now looking at the video and other evidence.