Police rescue puppy locked inside hot car

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AUSTIN, Texas -- A puppy is in the hands of an Austin, Texas animal shelter after police say her owner left her in a hot car.

Police broke into the car on Saturday to rescue 8-month-old Annabelle from the 100 degree heat.

Video shows officers rescuing her from a locked car in a Walmart parking lot after a customer called police to report the animal was in distress.

The car was turned off and the owner was inside shopping.

"All the windows were up on the car. The sunroof was cracked just a little bit, wide enough for them to get up and use a crow bar to hit the unlock button, open the door and got the dog out," Chief Ryan Phipps described.

At 100 degrees, it only takes 15 minutes for a car to reach 140 degrees.

When rescuers got to the puppy, she was weak and panting rapidly. She was searching for a spot to stay cool. These are all common signs of a dangerous heat stroke.

Annabelle’s owner, 20-year-old Chandler Bullen, told police he was shopping for about 30 minutes.
Bullen was arrested for animal cruelty.

"The comment that he made that he didn't want to waste gas was particularly disturbing to the officers," Chief Phipps said.

Rescuers said if the dog had been left in the car any longer she could have died.