Women play key role in Chevy Equinox

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SAN DIEGO -- Studies show that 80 percent of vehicle purchases are only made after a woman in the family gives her approval.  So, when Chevy designed their new family SUV, they took that into account.

A high percentage of women work for General Motors -- from factory floor specialists, to race engineers, to CEO Mary Barra. And when it came to choosing the right person to lead the engineering team for the new Equinox, they turned to Gill Dennis.

“I have kinda worked my way up through the rank. I have had different positions, as opposed to males,” Dennis said.

Gill and her team added the two liter turbo to the Equinox. All of the creature comforts are also there, and Gill made sure that the center console was just the right size to fit a woman's purse.

A fully loaded Chevy Equinox is around $37,000, the mileage on the paperwork says around 28 miles a gallon.