Jet boarder rescues overturned sailboat in Mission Bay

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SAN DIEGO – An unusual hero recently came to the rescue of an overturned sailboat in Mission Bay.

The sole person aboard a small sailboat was clinging on to the boat after it flipped over in Mission Bay Friday. Professional jet-boarder Jesse Orlando was strapped to his jet board and came to the rescue.

The water-jet-boarding champion saw the overturned sailboat, went over to it and used the jet-board to propel the mast back into the air righting the ship.

In a world where everyone has a camera on them, video of the rescue was posted online, although some viewers of the video were calling it a stunt.

“Yes, it’s real! I really rescued that boat with a jet board. No CGI no plants,” said Orlando. “A lot of people saw the video. Some people liked it, some people hated it. That’s just the way it goes you can’t make everyone happy."

Orlando told FOX 5 if he sees someone in trouble again he'll come flying to the rescue and hopes someone gets video of it – again.