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Fireball fanatics are getting fired up over these gummy bears

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NEW YORK – Fans of cinnamon whisky Fireball may get a kick out of this new treat.

Delish, a website that provides recipe ideas for all lifestyles, recently highlighted a couple Etsy businesses, Irish Confectionery Co. and VineGelee, who both sell Fireball gummy bears. People went nuts over the idea and

VineGelee calls them “Fire Bears! Cinnamon Whisky gummy bears like the ‘fireball’ shot” and reviews mention that they are quite potent, Delish reported.

The alcohol gummies are made by hand and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.  VineGelee’s packages of 4 ounces of gummies sell for just under $10 each.

Fans of Fireball posted on social media:

“You know…Fathers Day is almost here and I know a certain someone who might loves these,” Lisa Marie Lawrence posted.

“I think we need to have a party with the sole purpose of trying these bad boys!” Tina Bloomenkranz said.

Although, not everyone was loving the idea.

“I can’t do it. I love my whisky, but fireball is all bad,” Kristina Micheletti posted.

FOX News posted a story “10 things you never knew about Fireball Whisky” last year.  Here are just two of their “things:”

  1. Taking the chill off – Liquor legend claims the recipe for Fireball was concocted by a Canadian bartender as a way to warm up during one of the country’s coldest winters more than 30 years ago. But Amy Preske, a company spokeswoman told, “No one knows the true origin of the recipe, but those Canadian winters are cold enough to warrant a red hot shot of Fireball.”
  2. About that antifreeze thing – In 2014 it was reported that the liquor contained a chemical found in some types of antifreeze, creating a headline-grabbing panic among consumers. Fireball was temporarily recalled in three European countries while a compliance issue was sorted out– but the spirit was never recalled in the U.S.  The company says the ingredient in question (propylene glycol or PG) is FDA-approved, used in lots of food and beverages Americans consume all the time and that Fireball is “100 percent safe to drink.”