Second highest-selling vehicle in America is a Ram truck

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SAN DIEGO -- Automotive sales figures just released for the first five months of 2017 show the second best-selling vehicle in America is a Ram truck.

The 2017 Power Wagon is big and beefy, and it has no trouble taking on the mud and rocks.

One thing that makes the Ram Power Wagon stand out is that it comes with a standard warn winch.

“It means it has enough power to pull it off the ground and then some,” Ram spokesperson Nick Cappa said. “So it is perfect for the situation where you find your buddy stuck in the mud and need to get him out. So, if you are out in the middle of nowhere by yourself and need to get back, it’s a self-preservation device and one of the features that make the Power Wagon unique.”

The Power Wagon is based on a ¾ ton truck and not a half ton like the Raptor.  That means that it can take a payload and low over 10,000 pounds.

“[The competition doesn’t] have a locker upfront, a locker in the rear, a locking transfer case. That means there's no differentiation left to right or front to rear with the Power Wagon,” Cappa explained. “All four tires spin at the same rate, all the time, gripping and clawing with 33 inch meats with big lugs.”

There are 1.8 million square miles of wild uninhabited areas in the USA and the Power Wagon is the modern conqueror to tame that land.

The Power Wagon starts around $47,000. If you want to know the fuel economy, you probably shouldn't be buying a truck of this size.