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FBI agents raid Rancho Bernardo home

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SAN DIEGO -- FBI agents searched a Rancho Bernardo home Wednesday as part of an ongoing investigation.

The enforcement actions took place in the 13000 block of Polvera Avenue.

Dozens of agents in full gear with guns drawn started on the roof until they made entry.

"Camouflage, kevlar jackets, full ammo, some with the M4's, some with pistols. Banging on the front door, yelling, 'FBI, we have a search warrant.' They were yelling for a woman named Crystal. 'Crystal, we know you're in there. Open the door,'" a neighbor told FOX 5.

The man took photos that show some of the items seized from the home, including a Jaguar and a white grand piano.

According to the neighbor, the residents at the home were renters. He said, and other neighbors confirmed, the activity at the home raised questions.

"Something fishy was going on in this house," he said. "All the trucks going in and out. People, lots of strange people going in and out different times of the day, all times of the day."

A listing for a garage sale at the address Thursday claims a wealthy Chicago heiress is unexpectedly moving and being forced to sell everything from high-end furniture to a facial laser machine worth $30,000.

A spokesperson for the FBI said all documents in the case are sealed and could not give any more information.

No arrests were announced.

"I can just tell you there's a huge mistake," an attorney at the home told FOX 5.

The enforcement actions took place in the 13000 block of Polvera Avenue.