Threatening message found at Patrick Henry High

SAN DIEGO – Patrick Henry High school students and their parents were on edge Thursday after a threatening message was found on campus.

The school said the written threat was made on a handball court on campus around 8:40 a.m. Thursday.

After a picture of the threat on Snapchat circulated among students, administrators investigated the threat and called in San Diego Unified School District police officers.

A student who saw the post shared it with FOX 5. Written in pencil, the message read: "I'm shooting up the school 5/12/17."

In an email sent home to parents, the principal said administrators are looking into the matter.

"If there is a credible threat we will let out families know. I don’t believe it was aimed at a student or anyone at Patrick Henry," the email read.

The principal also sent FOX 5 a statement that read:

"It has been solved. We know the student. It was a joke. They are very sorry. They realize they shouldn’t have done that."

The San Diego Unified Police Department will determine if there is a need for increased security on the campus Friday.