Woman accused of shooting into neighbors’ apartment to stand trial

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Brittany Lefler

SAN DIEGO — A woman accused of firing a shot into her neighbors’ apartment in Clairemont Mesa after they complained about loud noises and yelling coming from her unit was ordered Monday to stand trial on assault with a semiautomatic firearm and other charges.

Brittany Lefler faces 25 years in prison if convicted, said Deputy District Attorney Michael Reilly.

Henry Molina testified that his mother, Erick Morales, called police sometime after midnight last Dec. 29 after Lefler — who lived next door — kept banging on the wall and screaming in her apartment on Beadnell Way.

After officers showed up and told the 36-year-old defendant to quiet down, she came outside and said “Why did you call the cops?” Molina testified.

The 19-year-old witness said he went outside and asked Lefler to “keep it down,” but she reached into her boot and pulled out what looked like a gun and he ran back inside and shut the door.

“(She said), `C’mon outside, I’ll bust a cap in you,”’ Molina testified.

He said he overheard Lefler telling police that she kept a gun for “things like this.”

After he shut the door around 5 a.m., Molina testified that he heard another bang and his mother said, “She’s shooting. She’s shooting,” referring to Lefler.

Molina said he told police that Lefler appeared to be under the influence of something and had “wild eyes.”

Morales’ boyfriend, 22-year-old Alexander Neal, said Lefler pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him when he went outside.

Morales testified that the defendant also pointed the gun at her 11-year- old daughter before firing the shot through the front door.

San Diego police Detective Holland Tafoya testified that officers found a semiautomatic handgun and ammunition in Lefler’s apartment.

Superior Court Judge Lisa Schall found that enough evidence was presented for Lefler to stand trial on charges of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, shooting into an inhabited dwelling, making criminal threats and child abuse.

Arraignment was set for May 22.