County considers outsourcing animal services

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SAN DIEGO -- A rally was held Monday outside the Department of Animal Services urging the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to rethink a plan to outsource animal services.

In March, supervisors voted to look at the possibility of a non-profit taking on animal control duties, as well as running shelters and pet adoption programs.

Supervisors say outsourcing could be more efficient, help animals and save taxpayers money.

A group of animal service workers and volunteers argue outsourcing would take away jobs that help protect animals and the public.

“They are putting public safety at risk. Don’t let the county put your lives at risk by outsourcing to an agency that does not have the experience or knowledge to protect you and your pets," said Lt. Kathy Cleveland with the Department of Animal Services.

The San Diego Humane Society supports the outsourcing and is willing to take over animal services in unincorporated areas.

“We’re going to see a massive increase in the animals euthanized. We'll see an increase in fees and a decrease in services. They’re just not prepared. They don’t have the facilities, staffing or training," said Bobby Keith, an animal care attendant.

A county spokesperson said options are being considered and nothing has been finalized.

A decision could come within the next few months.

The Humane Society did not respond to FOX 5's request for comment.