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SDSU student council to vote on changing Aztec mascot

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SAN DIEGO -- San Diego State University's Associated Students Council is expected to vote Wednesday on whether the school should do away with its Aztec Warrior mascot and "Aztecs" moniker altogether.

The resolution was introduced by the university's Native American Student Alliance.

One student, who said she is Native American, stated the Aztec mascot and nickname are hurtful to her and hopes the school's Associated Students Council approves the change.

"We owe it to indigenous people to get rid of the mascot and the moniker. There's no price on being culturally sensitive and respecting native people on this campus, San Diego County and this nation," said Marissa Mendoza, who authored the resolution.

Some students on campus reported being torn on the issue but overall oppose getting rid of the Aztecs moniker.

"We don't want the name to be removed. We're proud. It's nice to be called 'Aztecs.' You're an Aztec but you're not really an Aztec, but you belong to that, too," said student Rania Alsawad.