Authorities chase suspect with ties to homicide through Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES – Authorities chased a driver suspected of having ties to a homicide case Tuesday through residential streets South Los Angeles, police said.

The homicide suspect was in custody, but the driver may be in possession evidence that was used in the killing, according to Los Angeles Police Officer Sal Ramirez. The person was not an accomplice, Ramirez noted.

Authorities began pursuing the “erratic” Nissan sedan around 12:45 p.m. in the South Gate area, KTLA reported.

The driver had previously been driving on the eastbound state Route 105  before exiting in the Lynwood area before heading into Watts.   The driver wove through various South L.A. neighborhoods before doubling back toward Watts, continuing to weave through residential areas.

At one point, police attempted to deploy spike strips, but the driver was able to avert them, KTLA reported.

The driver then drove back through Lynwood, where just before 1:45 p.m. he stopped near a red light and began exiting the car with his hands raised.