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Some SDSU students pushing to change Aztecs mascot

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SAN DIEGO – San Diego State University’s Native American Student Alliance introduced a resolution to do away with the school's Aztec warrior mascot and the "Aztecs" moniker altogether.

On Wednesday, the Associated Students Council considered testimony from both sides as it ponders a decision.

One student, who said she is Native American, said the Aztec mascot and nickname are hurtful to her because she sees them as racist and stereotypical.

"If you really are honoring the Aztec culture, you’re not even calling them by their indigenous name. They are the Mexicas. We don’t do anything that is culturally of the Aztec culture on campus," said student Marissa Mendoza.

A professor who spoke at the meeting said she knows Aztec descendants in Mexico who actually like that the school uses the moniker.

"They would be very crushed and devastated to know they’ve been wiped out of the multitude of thousands and thousands of generations of a place of higher learning, a place that would never speak again about the Aztec nation,” said Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Patricia Lozada-Santone, Ph.D.

The council is expected to vote on the resolution Wednesday, April 19.