Homeowner says thieves stole thousands in jewelry and cash

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SAN DIEGO – A Del Cerro homeowner shared surveillance video of what he says were brazen thieves breaking into his home.

Daniel Rice said the crooks took thousands in jewelry, cash and more.

“We’re still trying to go through everything. I mean they ransacked the house,” said Rice.

Rice shared video with FOX 5 that shows one suspect taking a computer from his kitchen. Another clip shows two other suspects in his living room taking his electronics.

San Diego police are now searching for the men in the video they say are wanted in connection with the Tuesday afternoon burglary.

“They came in through this back door here – just threw a nice-sized, heavy rock through this door here,” said Rice.

In the video, you can even hear the suspects knocking at the front door before they broke in through a side entrance.

Rice said the men loaded up backpacks with items taken from each room, which added up to tens of thousands of dollars.

“They took all the electronics from here,” said Rice. “Handbags, sunglasses and jewelry.”

He said the biggest take was in valuables.

“My entire watch collection, the entire thing, it’s gone,” said Rice. “She had some Tiffany rings, you know, nice things she had collected through the years. It’s all gone now.”

He may not be the only victim. On Nextdoor.com, a homeowner in Allied Gardens shared a similar story.  She said thieves also used a rock to break into her home. Surveillance pictures captured of the suspects also showed similarities when compared to Rice’s video.  Two hours after the Allied Gardens home was targeted, Rice’s home was hit.

“Yeah, broad daylight, it was very brazen. I mean, how are you going to come up to a house, break two windows with three guys?” said Rice.

Rice is doing his best to pick up the pieces, but until the suspects are captured, his sense of security remains shattered.

“You have to feel safe at home, you know? At least I want to,” said Rice.

If you have information regarding the burglaries, call San Diego police or Crimestoppers at 1-888-580-8477. You can remain anonymous and there is a $1,000 reward.

“I’ll triple that reward to anyone who can give me information leading to an arrest,” said Rice.