Fire alarm prompts San Diego-bound flight emergency landing

SAN DIEGO – A SkyWest airliner bound for San Diego Sunday morning was diverted to Modesto and an emergency landing, when an indicator light in the cockpit notified the crew there was a fire in the cargo hold, according to airline officials.

No one was injured and there was no fire on board SkyWest Flight 3391, operating as Alaska Airlines.

“The flight landed safely at 6:48 a.m. and after a brief delay passengers deplaned normally at the gate,” airline spokeswoman McKall Morris said. “Safety is always our top priority.”

The Embraer E175 with two flight crew members and two flight attendants was carrying 55 passengers from Sacramento to San Diego International Airport at Lindbergh Field when it diverted.

“Our maintenance team and the fire department inspected the aircraft and found no issues,” Morris said. “We worked with our partner Alaska Airlines to help passengers resume their travels to San Diego and apologize for any inconvenience to our passengers.”