Teen recovers from rare case of botulism

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SAN DIEGO- After 6 surgeries and 2 months in recovery, a 14-year-old girl is finally on the mend from one of the rarest diseases around.

Rosalia Lopez contracted “wound botulism” after she broke her arm while doing a cartwheel in the dirt.  It is a disease that occurs in the United States about three times a year.

Doctors believe some contaminated dirt may have entered the wound causing the very dangerous disease.

"[Lopez] is my first case in thirty years, and I most likely will never see it again,” said John Bradley, M.D. from Rady Children’s Hospital.

After Lopez's broken arm was set and she was sent home, she was rushed back to the hospital with major paralysis and her lungs started shutting down.

“I felt trapped in my body and I couldn’t breathe, but I wasn’t scared,” said Lopez. “I thought it was kind of wild to see everyone working so hard around me it was entertaining”

Doctors said Lopez was a true fighter and excellent patient.

"I have never seen a young lady as unafraid as Rosie," said Dr. Bradley. "I have never seen a young lady so ill, who is so optimistic."

Lopez is on antibiotics as a precautionary measure and is looking forward to doing another cartwheel.