Owner catches customer with counterfeit $100 bill

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SAN DIEGO -- The owner of a comic book store in Ocean Beach says he caught a man trying to buy a $65 Batman figurine with a counterfeit $100 bill.

"He wanted to ring it up, get his change and walk out," said David Draize, the owner of Galactic Comics.

Draize checked the bill to see if it was genuine. It had the watermark and striping of a real bill.

He then did a test drawing a line on the bill with a security pen. A black line would have revealed a fake, but the pen made no such mark.

Draize was still suspicious because the bill's texture and weight seemed wrong. He asked the man for another bill or ID -- but the man claimed he didn't have any.

When Draize told the man he was going to call police, the customer panicked and left the store.

Tuesday, a Secret Service agent went to the store to look at surveillance video and took the fake bill.

ā€œIf it had been a busier situation in a bar or a fast-paced restaurant, I really think this would have passed ā€“ probably hurt some merchants. Iā€™m glad we were able to catch it," said Draize.