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Man accused of fatal attacks on homeless returns for competency hearing

SAN DIEGO - The man accused of terrorizing the homeless community, attacking five men and killing three of them will find out if he's competent to stand trial.

Jon David Guerro is scheduled for a competency trial Monday after being sent to a state mental hospital. Previously, a judge ruled he was incompetent to stand trial.

Guerro has returned to San Diego after doctors at Patton State Hospital said he is mentally competent to stand trial. Guerro’s attorney is now challenging the decision.

In July 2016, authorities said Guerro went on a 12-day killing spree attacking homeless men while they were sleeping. Investigators said in the attacks, Guerrero used a hammer and railroad spikes. Three victims died and two were also set on fire.

His competency hearing is set for 9 a.m. at the San Diego County courthouse.