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Trump invites Oceanside woman to attend inauguration

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. -- An Oceanside woman is packing for the nation’s capital after being personally invited to Friday’s presidential inauguration by Donald Trump himself.

“How many people in this country of 300 million get to meet a president? And not only have I been able to meet him, I’m a personal guest. It's pretty amazing,” said Brenda Sparks. trump-and-i-phoenix-rally

Sparks is packed, prepared and poised for a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

“I’m hoping that he will be able to do the promises that he promised me as an 'Angel Mom' and reduce or eliminate illegal immigration so nobody else’s children have to die,” said Sparks.

The Oceanside woman’s relationship with the president-elect is one she never imagined a year ago.

She met Trump after he heard the story of her son being killed by an illegal immigrant, later labeling her an "Angel Mom" and sharing the stage during a handful of campaign trips.

“When I first met him. it was a month after he announced his candidacy. I met him up at the Beverly Wilshire and I thought it was a one-time deal and then he invited me to his Costa Mesa rally, his Anaheim rally, his San Diego rally,” Sparks said.

The inaugural invitation came in the mail back in mid-December, with the mother anticipating her D.C. trip ever since.

“I know there’s going to be a lot of protests and I hope that it doesn’t get ugly like we’ve seen at many of the rallies that I’ve attended,” Sparks said.

The woman who has had her home attacked at least twice for her Trump campaign support isn’t backing down on her beliefs or outlook of the nation’s next commander-in-chief.

“I know he comes across not so nice on TV but when he speaks to me he’s genuine, he’s real, he’s there…this is his day and more importantly, this is America’s day. Let’s make it a beautiful day no matter how you feel about the incoming president.”