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Orca spotted off Carlsbad coast

SAN DIEGO -- A large orca was spotted about two miles off the coast of Carlsbad Friday morning.

Oceanside Harbor Police officers, who took video of the orca while out on patrol, said the rare sight made for an exciting morning.

A naturalist from Oceanside Adventures said it appeared to be a male Eastern Tropical Pacific killer whale, and that they are usually only spotted between Thanksgiving and the New Year while they are traveling.

"We get different whale species that migrate through here different times of the year, but like I said, the orcas we've only seen twice now off Oceanside, so pretty rare. I was raised here in Oceanside so in my lifetime I've only seen them twice out here so it's pretty cool," said Officer Jonathan Hoover.

The officers said they work closely with whale researchers, who told them there has been a small pod that has been recently spotted in the San Diego area.