Skateboarding community mourns local legend

SAN DIEGO -- A 70-year-old skateboard pioneer who was killed last week in a motorcycle crash is being remembered for his contributions to the sport.

Victor Earhart died last Friday while riding his motorcycle when he collided with a Toyota Prius on Highway 79 near Santa Ysabel.

Earhart worked for 15 years at Sector 9 Skateboard Company, a skateboard maker based in the Bay Ho neighborhood of San Diego.  He was considered a pioneer in the skateboarding world, especially in the manufacturing and use of longboards.

"He was a pioneer. He was really with the long board, which is what we mostly sell" said Dennis Telfer, a co-worker at Sector 9. "He was always just happy to ride anything with four wheels. He was a great ambassador for the sport and he was loved worldwide."

Earhart  worked primarily in the wood shop at Sector 9, where he cut and shaped boards.

"Victor was a jack of all trades, full of ideas," said Louie Piloni, who worked with Earhart at Sector 9. "He's been around skateboards since they started with  steel wheels and a 2x4."

“The way he touched people through skateboarding -- that was his greatest gift," Telfer said.