Workers rally for $15 minimum-wage hike

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SAN DIEGO – Hundreds of workers rallied in downtown San Diego Tuesday night for higher wages and in support of social justice causes.

Earlier in the day, dozens of ‘Fight for 15’ protesters marched for higher wages outside McDonald's in Barrio Logan.

The protests are part of a nationwide campaign wanting to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed legislation that will raise California’s mandatory minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022, but workers Tuesday said they can’t wait that long.

Ramone Johnson says he works two jobs just to get by and his family needs the wage increase sooner.

“It would be good for our coworkers and our families to have a fighting chance at the cost of living,” one protester said.

However, opponents say a minimum wage increase would cost millions of jobs.

“The rise in the cost of labor under a $15 minimum wage would result in substantial job loss, with significant variation across industries and cities,” according to economics professors Andrew Hanson and Zachary Hawley. “Although it may help partially realize a policy goal to increase incomes for some workers, it comes with the terrible cost of job destruction for some of America’s poorest workers.”

Protests were also planned at Lindbergh Field and the Federal Building in downtown San Diego.