Couple’s trailer full of possessions stolen after moving to El Cajon

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EL CAJON, Calif. -- A couple who moved back to the San Diego area is in shock after someone stole their trailer with practically everything they own inside.

The theft happened the first night in their new apartment on Graves Avenue.  The Castros say they went to bed last Saturday night without unpacking their trailer.

“It was late – we were tired. We didn’t want to take the stuff out -- our backs hurt from loading it," said Maria Castro, who moved from Colorado with her husband, Nathan.

Hours later, their neighbor was frantically knocking on their door.

“Next thing you know, we have our manager knocking on our door, saying ‘someone’s taking your trailer, they’re taking it now,'" said Maria.

The Castros say thieves cut the locks and hitched the trailer to a white SUV and sped off. Then, Nathan tried to catch up with them.

“I hopped on the freeway. I drove around for an hour, hour and a half," said Nathan.

The couple is hoping someone will spot the trailer with Colorado plates OQX-178, including their personal items -- clothes, birth certificates, social security cards -- even Maria’s wedding ring and wedding photos.

“They didn’t do anything to us, the dogs, but when I wake up it’s sad. All I can do is move forward – try to not lose it, you know?” Maria said. “I’m praying, hoping -- I want to cry everyday."