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Poway students rally to end bullying sparked by election

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POWAY, Calif. –Poway High School students gathered for a unity rally Friday morning after claims that bullying has increased following the presidential election.

Hundreds of young people rallied outside the school before classes began, listening to speakers and chanting for unity.

Poway Unified School administrators sent a letter to parents Tuesday claiming that bullies have created an “unsafe learning and working environment” for a few students and staff since the presidential election.

The letter, sent by acting Superintendent Dr. Mel Robertson, claims that the students and employees were targeted because of their race, religion or political beliefs.

“Our students cannot learn when they are afraid or bullied and I know I speak for our full community in saying this cannot continue,” Dr. Robertson stated.

Student organizers were hoping Friday's rally would send a positive message about their school to the community and fellow classmates.

“It is a huge success. We are cheering. We are being positive,” one student said. “We want to show Poway High and the community as a whole that this is a positive school, this is a safe environment.”