Alfred Olango’s sister files $10K claim against El Cajon

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EL CAJON, Calif. – The sister of Alfred Olango filed a claim for damages against the city of El Cajon after her brother was shot and killed by a police officer last month.

The two page claim filed by Attorney Dan Gilleon Thursday stated the City of El Cajon was negligent in training and supervising veteran El Cajon Police officer Richard Gonsalves, who fired the shots that killed Alfred Olango on September 27.

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Alfred Olango

Alfred Olango

The claim stated Lucy Olango called 9-1-1 to get help for her brother who she thought was having a nervous breakdown in a shopping center on Broadway. It took officers about 50 minutes to get to the area and within about a minute, officer Gonsalves shot Alfred four times.

Specifically, the claim states:

“Before arriving on the scene, officer Gonsalves knew Alfred was having a mental crisis because dispatch had coded the call as ‘5150’ which allows a peace officer to detain a person with a mental health disorder.”

“Officer Gonsalves also knew or should have known Lucy was present and could assist in Alfred’s safe detention.”

“Officer Gonsalves cowboy attitude and demeanor provoked Alfred into taking foreseeable defensive measures which officer Gonsalves then used as false justification to kill him.”

“Worse, at the time officer Gonsalves was dispatched to the scene, ECPD knew or should have known that he lacked the emotional and mental fitness required by law.”

“ECPD was also aware of prior acts of violence by officer Gonsalves, both against prisoners in his custody and against civilians when officer Gonsalves was off duty.”

“Officer Gonsalves acted negligently in both his pre-shooting tactical conduct and decisions. As a result, claimant Lucy Olango suffered serious emotional distress and economic damages for medical expenses and lost wages.”

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And as far as any monetary damages, the claim states Lucy Olango is looking for more than $10,000.

FOX 5 reached out to the city of El Cajon for comment, but as of 3:30 p.m. Thursday had not received a response.