Barrio Logan community demands safety measures for Coronado Bridge

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SAN DIEGO -- Barrio Logan community members are demanding more safety measures be placed on the Coronado Bridge to keep cars and debris from flying off the structure.

The demands come just days after the driver of the pickup truck plunged more than 60 feet into a crowded festival at Chicano Park, killing four people and injuring nine.

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Community members attended a news conference Tuesday held at the memorial site for the four victims of Saturday's accident.

State Senator Ben Hueso promised to launch an investigation, make necessary changes and lobby Governor Jerry Brown for funding to make modifications.

"We're all still in shock over the events of this past Saturday," Sen. Hueso said at Chicano Park.

But some residents remain skeptical, saying promises have been made before.

“You don’t need to have more feasibility studies, another environmental study and everything else, study, study… it’s crazy such a waste of money," said Wayne Strickland.

CalTrans personnel also attended the news conference and promised to move forward with a study.

"We will do what’s right for traveling public that’s our only goal, the rest of it is not an issue," said Laurie Berman, Cal Trans Director in San Diego.