Poway man encounters three creepy clowns

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POWAY, Calif. -- A Poway man is sharing his story after he caught his encounter with three creepy clowns on camera.

Brandon Kohl came to a stop sign Wednesday night when he saw three young men wearing creepy clown masks. One of them made a sudden dash toward Kohl's car before body slamming into the vehicle. Kohl recorded the incident on his phone.

"I just floored it and got away as fast as I could ‘cause I didn't know if they were kids or adults. Just wanted to be as safe as possible," Kohl said.

Kohl, who runs Kohl Media Group, says he called the Sheriff's Department to report the encounter and minor damage to his car.

The Sheriff's Department said it dispatched deputies to the area near Old Poway Park and detained three minors who were wearing masks. The three were let go with a warning.

Kohl, who had heard about the creepy clowns in the news lately, never figured he would encounter them.

"A town like Poway? I never thought it was going to hit a town like Poway," Kohl said.