UCSD offers student housing based on race, sexual identity

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LA JOLLA, Calif. -- A new quarter just started at UC San Diego, with the most diverse freshmen class ever at the university.

In the name of embracing diversity, the school now offers student housing based on race and sexual identity.

“Our students came to us last year and said ‘what’s important to us is being around people like we are,'" said Mark Cunningham, assistant vice chancellor of housing at UCSD.

New themed housing is available for black, Latino and LGBT students. Cunningham says there are about 100 students from each group using the housing.

“This is where you can come in as a freshman or a senior and live in this neighborhood and be together -- set your own kind of criteria, cultural values -- your own feelings and wants," Cunningham said.

But some believe the housing is a form of segregation. Students told FOX 5 they have mixed feelings.

“You should feel comfortable no matter where you are and your school should be accepting of that. But if that’s something you’re comfortable with -- being segregated like that -- you have a right to do that," said Rachel Guerra, a senior.

Cunningham argues the whole idea is to be inclusive and help groups of students -- only if they want it.

“Students choose to be in it -- no one’s forced to be in it. As much as students want to participate, we’ll grow it," said Cunningham.