Creepy clown threats reach Scripps Ranch middle school students

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SAN DIEGO — Administrators and teachers at a Scripps Ranch middle school spent Wednesday trying to convince students that a creepy clown threat a few students received through social media is just a hoax.

Instagram user "Slasher the Clown" sent a direct message that reached a few Marshall Middle School students. It read, “we are going to your school on Friday” and “good luck Marshall Middle School.” It appears that account has since been deleted.

The pending visit quickly spread and many students reported being scared and afraid to go to school on Friday.

Many of these clowns have been sending threats throughout the country, most of them deemed not credible.

The administration at Marshall believes it is just a hoax. Administrators sent a letter to parents that read in part, “our authorities do believe it is just a copycat situation.” The school emphasizes there are no credible threats and that "there were no SWAT teams on campus today, nor are they scheduled to be on campus."

The San Diego Unified School District told FOX 5 its investigators are looking into the threat.