District Attorney addresses shooting video

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SAN DIEGO – District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis says her office is working to speed up the process to release the video of the shooting of Alfred Olango and vows her office will move quickly in this case.

When asked why the El Cajon Police Department released a still photo instead of the entire video, Dumanis responded:

“In this case – we wouldn’t normally release a still – but we were worried about the narrative that had begun. That was his hands were up, he didn’t have a shirt on, other people that weren’t even witnesses were saying things and we didn’t want anything to create problems for public safety, so we wanted to put that out immediately to help make sure that the narrative at least was one that's balanced.

As the investigation moves forward, Dumanis says she hopes to meet with Olango’s family to discuss the process.

“We’re going to the best we can to get it released but we will do it after we’ve adequately investigated everything…as soon as all the toxicology report, all of the evidence, all of the witnesses are interviewed. As soon as that happens, we’ll get our review and we’ll move on it," Dumanis told FOX 5.