‘Free Hug Guy’ brings message of peace to El Cajon protests

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EL CAJON -- A San Diego man known for giving 'free hugs' was spreading his message of peace in El Cajon overnight.

Ken Nwadike, who has almost a million Facebook followers, posted a video of himself giving hugs and asking demonstrators to keep the protest peaceful.

“We want to see you stay alive,” he told one demonstrator.

Thousands have gone to his 'Free Hugs Project' Facebook page to thank him for spreading his message of peace.

“Thank you for upholding the integrity of the great Martin Luther King, Jr. Thank you for keeping it real and reminding both sides that we are all human and that there is a way out of this that's not through more violence,” one man wrote on Facebook.

Nwadike was recently in Charlotte hugging police officers during demonstrations.