Man injured in armed drug-deal robbery

SAN DIEGO  — Two gun-wielding men busted into a Valencia Park home early Tuesday and robbed its residents and two other people, police said.

The suspects tied up and robbed two occupants of a home on Churchward Street near San Jacinto Drive shortly before 1 a.m., San Diego police Officer Dino Delimitros said.

Officers say at least one of the suspects was looking for money and the robbery was part of a drug-deal.

The robbers were in the process of leaving but spotted two more people walking up the driveway. Delimitros said one of the suspects smashed the butt of a shotgun into the third victim’s head, then the pair robbed him and a female companion and continued on their way.

Police described the suspect with the shotgun as white, a roughly 6 feet tall, around 30, wearing a light blue T-shirt and blue jeans. The second suspect was Hispanic, 5 feet 10 and about the same age. He had on a dark blue T- shirt and jeans and was armed with a handgun.