Power restored to over 2100 homes, businesses after Monday storm

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SAN DIEGO -- Thunder and lightening lit up the morning sky across San Diego Monday, causing several small fires and knocking out power for thousands of people.

“I was just sleeping, all of the sudden I hear this noise. I thought it was my water heater blowing up in the garage and everything and then all the sudden this big explosion,” said John Koritnik, a North Park resident.

felicia-weather-4pm-pkgThat explosion, John Koritnik heard wasn’t just thunder, but lightening striking a nearby power pole on 32nd Street and Dwight in North Park, possibly causing the fire to start.

“I’ve been here 52 years, I never heard nothing like that before,” said Koritnik.

Koritnik is among 2,137 other SDG&E customers left without power after lightening struck between 2 and 4 a.m. At the same time, small fires broke out in Valencia Park, Logan Heights and Chula Vista, possibly due to the lightening.

“I woke up and kind of walked around the house, because it’s such a rare to have it in San Diego an then it got really, really loud and then the power was gone,” said Paul Tibbets, of North Park.

Small gusts of wind and some rain was felt in San Diego County Monday afternoon, however, The National Weather Service reports more rain is expected Tuesday.

“I was happy to have rain, I was hoping for rain when I heard the thunder. We got a good amount in my neighborhood, but it’s still not enough in my neighborhood, we need a lot more,” said Rafi Jaima of North Park.

A fire weather watch is in effect for areas other than the dessert until Monday evening.