Man in video of controversial arrest at SDSU charged with resisting cops

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SAN DIEGO – A man arrested at San Diego State University is now facing criminal charges.

Marquis Dejon Campbell, 20, faces two misdemeanor counts of resisting an executive officer and two misdemeanor counts of resisting an officer.

Campbell was arrested Thursday when he attended a rap concert at the campus. The arrest was captured on cell phone video and sparked controversy on social media.

Tanisha Kyles, Campbell’s mother, told FOX 5 her son should have never been arrested in the first place.

“Because he jumped a fence? That’s crazy, that’s just crazy,” said Kyles.

SDSU police said it was the fence jumping and complaints of erratic behavior that brought them to the Starbucks on campus.

Cell phone video shows two campus police officers standing next to Campbell. One of the officers asks him to sit down for his safety. After Campbell doesn’t comply, he begins to take his arms behind his back, that’s when the second officer joins the struggle.

“They never said he was yelling. They never said he tried to attack anyone. He wasn’t (shouting) obscenities. They never said that he ran away trying to escape,” said Annamarie Martinez, Campbell’s Aunt. “They never said any of these things that would give the idea he was being erratic or threatening. None of these things happened.”

“In the video he yelled, 'I’m respectful, why are you doing this?'” Kyle said.

Kyle and family said the the officers overreacted to a minor offense.

“Them slamming him to the ground, the force they used for him hopping the gate?” said Kyles.

“I was appalled over the situation, it looked like they were just trying to bash his head into the ground,” said Cheryl Mendez, Campbell’s grandmother.

SDSU police declined to comment on the active case.

“He didn’t call me. They wouldn’t let me visit,” said Kyles.

Family members said they learned of Campbell’s arrest from television news reports. They said many of his basic rights have been taken away since he’s been in jail.

“Today, we still don’t know what’s the situation he’s in. We don’t know if his arm’s OK, if it’s broke,” said Mendez. “They’re treating him like he was a hardened criminal and he was not.”

“Nobody deserves that kind of treatment whether they’re a criminal or not,” said Tanisha.

Campbell is being held on $20,000 bail. If convicted, he faces 2 years in jail.