Chargers receiver Travis Benjamin makes impact with special students

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MISSION VALLEY--  Chargers wide receiver Travis Benjamin hopes to make an impact in San Diego, not just on the football field, but in the community as well.

Every home game since the start of the pre-season, Benjamin has donated five tickets to the Monarch School, and this week a lucky group of individuals had the opportunity to enjoy a white hot Sunday courtesy  of #12.

"I've never had the opportunity before to do anything this cool it's pretty awesome," said Rachel Garcia a student at The Monarch School.

Travis Benjamin showed up to the Monarch School campus early in the week to pass out 5 game tickets to students deserving of some positive recognition for their grades, attendance, and behavior.

Students at the Monarch school generally are homeless, or at risk of being homeless. The three girls in attendance have their own stories but they all share the same sentiment that moments like this don't go un-appreciated.

 "Growing up my family has been on welfare my whole life," said Shontay Quarles. "I never thought in a million years I would be at a Chargers game. It means a lot because I would never had been able to come. I'm very thankful."
"Just last week we were living in a hotel," said Garcia. "Now this week so many good things happened."
"When someone such as Travis takes the time out to reach out to the students it makes them realize they truly do matter," said Sherrell Tyler a teacher at the Monarch School. "It really is going to help them move forward everyday. "