Outraged beachgoers fight $500 fines for crossing North County train tracks

DEL MAR, Calif. -  Some residents in Del Mar are furious with the North County Transit District for giving beachgoers who cross the train tracks near 11th Street a hefty $500 ticket.

A petition has gathered 500 signatures demanding NCTD stops blocking people from crossing the tracks to get to the beach.

Residents argue their families have crossed the tracks for years, and without a clear path to the beach, residents have no choice but to cross the tracks to get to the beach.

“They need to only enforce flagrant actions on the tracks, like people walking on the tracks, but most times people cross quickly and safely,” said former Del Mar Mayor Dave Druker.

But NCTD officials say they are trying to prevent more people from being hurt by their trains.

“If we could find that safe solution, then we could back off on enforcement,” said NCTD officials.