Smaller crowds at San Diego beaches make for smooth Labor Day

SAN DIEGO –  A long holiday weekend at Ocean Beach is usually filled with sun, sand and waves, along with friends and family.

“We’re going to barbecue, the boys are going to go out to fish, and then we’re just going to make all kinds of food,” said beach-goer Isabel Rodriguez.

She and her family found a prime spot without a problem, right on Ocean Beach.

“Way better than we expected,” said Rodriguez. “We didn’t want to come to the beach because we said it’s going to be so packed. Every year it’s packed, but this year it’s awesome.”

San Diego beaches are typically overrun during the Labor Day holiday, but many beach-goers said this year wasn’t that bad.

Despite the smaller crowds, San Diego police still beefed up beach patrols to make sure everyone remained safe.

Nearby residents said traffic and parking was quite manageable this holiday.

“I would think that people may have gotten burnt out because they started partying way too early. And they’re just like, ok, it’s Labor Day, I’m done,” said longtime Ocean Beach resident Celia Corral.

San Diego City lifeguards said they dealt with moderate crowds.

“It just feels good being able to have some space to breathe and move around, and not be like shoulder to shoulder with everybody,” said Tracey Edwards.

No major incidents were reported over the weekend, according to San Diego police and San Diego city lifeguards. A fun, but uneventful Labor Day, for those hoping to soak in that last bit of summer at the beach, before packing up and heading home.