Family struggles to rebuild life after devastating fire

SANTEE, Calif. -- Rachelle Richmond walked through the rubble of her home and found very little to salvage.

On Monday evening, a fire destroyed the house where she and her daughter Abigail lived.

The property was first purchased by Richmond's grandparents in the late 1950s.

"I stand here and as I look at it see what's not there, part of it still doesn't register," said Richmond.

The fire started in the kitchen due to an electrical malfunction in the stove according to Richmond.

She and her daughter were not home when the fire started.

Firefighters pulled the family's three pets out of the house, but one of them, a cat, eventually died because of all the smoke it inhaled.

Richmond says, the house was paid for, but not insured and now she's not sure what she's going to do.

"No idea, absolutely no idea."

One of Richmond's friends started a Go Fund Me page to try and help her rebuild.

"People have already been helpful, I know people have given monetary gift cards, clothing and food."

For the time being, Richmond is staying with her brother.