Hot cop upstages rock stars at music festival, dubbed #OfficerHotStuff

BELFAST, Northern Ireland – A police officer has been inundated with compliments after a few photos of him at a music festival featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers and Avicii were posted on Facebook.

Northern Ireland Superintendent Bobby Singleton took the stage at a music festival in Belfast on Wednesday to urge concertgoers to enjoy the music, have a good time, but most importantly be safe. Yet, it wasn’t what he said that caused him to have a mass of adoring fans.

Police Service of Northern Ireland posted a few pictures of Singleton accompanied by his safety message to their Facebook page and the post received more than 3,000 reactions – mostly from admiring women.


Some women pointed out that Singleton resembled actor Ben Afleck. Fans commented on his dashing looks.

“I’d let him arrest me” and “I knew I should’ve joined the police.

Well done to the PSNI for keeping the recruitment of SuperHot Bobbys to a minimum! I feel I speak for a large percentage of the female population in NI when I say, if more police officers looked like that – I’d find a new rule to break every weekend… And three on a bank holiday,” Lauren Elizabeth posted.

Singleton, who was dubbed #OfficerHotStuff, says his colleagues are keeping him grounded.