Thieves steal 88-year-old musician’s saxophone

SAN DIEGO -- A local 88-year-old musician's beloved alto sax, which he has been playing for more than 50 years, was stolen from him last week.

Last Thursday, after a long flight from the East Coast, Joe Pallazola and his wife accidentally left a duffel bag outside their front door. It contained the sax and a few other items.

When they tried to retrieve it the next day, it was gone. Someone had walked away with it.

"This is a very very bad loss for me, like losing a child. I always called it my baby," said Pallazola.

Pallazola, who plays in a band called Joe Pal and Friends, which includes his wife Carol, will continue to perform using another bigger and heavier sax.

He hopes to get back his "treasured" instrument soon.

"I love that sax, love its tone. It's such a good horn. It's marvelous...I've been offered all kinds of money for it but I wouldn't give it away for a million dollars," said Pallazola.

Anyone with information about the sax is encouraged to call 619-276-6637.