Point Loma junior manages offense and schedule

POINT LOMA-- If there's any extra time in the day, Kyle Grady will find a way to use it. Scuba diving, paddle boarding, or even learning to pilot a Helicopter, the Point Loma High School junior would rather find an activity than sit around.

"Breaks are never good," said Grady. " I always like to be doing something. So I'm currently training to get my helicopter license. I love to travel with my family. I just love to stay active it's fun."

Grady plays baseball, basketball, and football for the Pointers. This year the 16-year-old earned the title of Captain and starting quarterback for the varsity football team. A position he worked hard to achieve. Grady says he spent the summer attending camps at Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, Yale, and Princeton, and the extra work appears to have paid off.

"It was just a good way to get exposure and get some input from other coaches on how to do things for my own standpoint and a team standpoint."

"He has taken a lot of time to develop his craft," said Point Loma Head Coach Mike Hastings. "Whether it's with us in the off season, or he has gone to a lot of camps.  He will call kids up on the weekend and on his own and he will go throw at the field. For Kyle it's a lot of development he has taken on himself, as well as growing into our program. Kyle has really stepped up to be the next guy."
When the 4.5 student athlete has a break from leading the varsity squad, he spends his time participating in campus clubs. He currently is involved in the Interact Club which raises money to help those with special needs and the California Scholarship Federation which is an academic club based on GPA. This upcoming school year he plans to start the Business Club. Those extracurricular activities come second to his academic schedule that includes four AP classes and one honors class.
"If I get straight A's again, which I plan to do, I will get a 5.0., " said Grady. "So I'm really excited about that. It's going to take a lot of hard work though."