Painter gets life in prison for shooting TV sportscaster

SAN DIEGO – A 55-year-old painter who shot a television sportscaster who had hired him to work on his Scripps Ranch home was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday morning.

Mike Montana was sentenced to nearly 39 years to life in prison with possibility of parole. He was convicted of attempted murder for shooting Kyle Kraska, sports director at KFMB-TV on Feb. 10, 2015. A jury also found the defendant guilty of making criminal threats against two other people in 2012 and 2014.

Kraska had hired Montana to paint the exterior of his house, but Montana walked off the job after a dispute over payment. Montana left a demand note under Kraska's doormat about a week before the shooting.

Kraska spoke during the sentencing and described the toll the attack has taken on him, his family and the community.

"Every morning I wake up and look in the mirror and there are scars that look back at me. Bullets that went through my chest, through my back," Kraska said. "I look at these scars and being in a coma for a week. Dying twice."

"I think back to sitting in my car and hearing explosions of glass… blood dripping out of my car. Lying in the street … crawling in the street hoping to find someone to save me," he said.

"Your bullets may have hit their mark but they did not kill my spirit. They did not destroy by passion. My love for my family and my community that I call my home," Kraska said.

Montana's attorney spoke on behalf of his client saying that defendant has shown remorse. He also reminded the judge of the medication that Montana was on during the attack and claimed it cast an unusual effect on someone who was already suffering from a manic issue.

The judge expressed his concern over the "high degree of callousness" and "an evil mind" of the defendant. He mentioned that due to Montana hunting down Kraska and his use of his weapon lead to an extraordinary amount of concern.

"There is no doubt that he remains a danger to society," the judge said.