Mako shark flips out to free itself from fisherman’s hook

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SAN DIEGO – A 500-pound mako shark proved just how tough of an animal it is after it became hooked on a fisherman's line.

San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing Captain Mark Martin was out on the Pacific Ocean -- about five miles off of Mission Bay -- with a group of three fishermen when one of them snagged the mako.

The 10-feet-long shark was seen "flying" out of the water and twisting mid-air. The animal appears to be doing everything in its power to free itself from the fishing line. It eventually broke the line and swam away.

"He got within 30 feet of the boat on the last jump, you could feel the power when he hits the water, too close for comfort than what we usually like," said Capt. Martin.

Martin posted the video on Facebook in late July – calling it "Flying Mako 3."

"Yep, some big boys around right now!!! Words can't describe what it is like to see Mako sharks of this size come out of the water like they do," Martin posted on Facebook.  The captain told FOX 5 that they catch and release the sharks.

"Everything we do out here for Makos is strictly catch and release, try to conserve the fishery."

Capt. Martin says he's been fishing for mako sharks for about five years.