LeBron James surprises wife with amazing birthday gift

CLEVELAND – Imagine that your dream car is the iconic Ferrari Testarossa (the car made famous on Miami Vice).

Now imagine that it’s your 30th birthday and your husband throws you a surprise party. And he buys you a white Testarossa, complete with a big red bow to celebrate that birthday.

It happened to Savannah James – wife of NBA superstar LeBron James, FOX 8 reported.

James posted pictures of the celebration to his Instagram page along with the touching message:

“…what makes me happy more than anything is putting a smile on your face! Took me a long time to find your masterpiece but I wouldn’t stop until I did and now I can’t wait to watch u cruise off into the sunset on the PCH. Happy Bday Queen 👑!!”

LeBron also  posted videos of his surprise for Savannah on his Facebook page, saying that the car was “The King’s early birthday gift for his Queen.”

Happy birthday Savannah – enjoy the new wheels!