Woman selling wedding dress online to pay for divorce

CHESTERFIELD, England — A used wedding dress is going for over $65,000 on eBay, but it’s not the actual dress that’s getting attention — it’s the reason why the woman is selling it.

A woman from England listed her wedding dress on eBay after finding out her husband was cheating on her, FOX 31 reported.

“Mainly selling as I need to pay for my divorce which my ex-husband has left me to foot the bill for!” the woman wrote in her eBay listing.

The ebay listing showing a woman's wedding dress for sale.

The ebay listing showing a woman’s wedding dress for sale.

The $2,200 designer Art Deco dress is a petite size 6 and Wragg is throwing in the veil for good measure, FOX 31 reported.

She said the dress is in “great condition but needs dry cleaning before wearing to get rid of the stench of betrayal.”

“If you want a dress that is full of bad memories and shattered hopes and dreams then this is the one for you,” she said. “I hope this dress brings you a lot more happiness than it brought me in the end.”

The dress has received 75 bids with the highest at nearly $66,000.